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Agency of Industrial News (AIN)

Agency of Industrial News (AIN) - a holding company of a Untied Analytical System of Ukraine, is a leader within the industrial research and analytics sector in Ukraine. The company was founded in 1999 in order to develop a unique and innovative system of information business dealing and putting forward a standard within this market.

AIN Priorities - provision of high quality, objective information and analysis:

- Valuation of markets and their segments;

- Structure, segmentation and developing dynamics;

- Analysis of factors influencing your market;

- Rating of producers and brands;

- Rating of Importers and exporters;

- Current Tendencies and forecasts.

Extensive experienceand a leading position at the forefront of our market, coupled with the high quality of our products will help you and your business increase production, receive information regarding potential market niches, quantitative and qualitative assessment of your own business, potential take-over targets and competition in general, consequently enabling you to increase the capitalization of your business.

AIN is a team of highly trained professionals, consisting of marketing and research specialists. Professionalism, precision and swift results are our priorities. Our market research methodology is built upon our own developments and strategies as well as world-renowned techniques.

We are proud to offer you our six main products with any level of detail, within any sector, market or industry. Our Products.

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