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Industrial analysis

Industrial analysis is a thorough investigation and analysis of the Ukrainian market of your choosing. The research paper reviews the main factors influencing the market in question: raw materials, import & export, demand and supply, consumer preference, price monitoringЕ

AIN also provides you with legislative background and developments, which are essential if you are just entering the market. Rating of market participants, brands and trademarks, importers and exporters as well as countries of origin, are included.

More Detailed:

History Ц the history of the market in question is investigated, major tendencies and developments are analyzed;

Production Ц a thorough analysis of production volumes, dynamics, structure and segmentation of the production sector of the market in question, according to the main product lines. Rating of producers, brands and trademarks, regions of Ukraine according to production volumes of the goods in question.

Import & Export - a thorough analysis of import & export volumes, dynamics, structure and segmentation of these markets according to importing/exporting companies and countries. Rating of local exporters and countries of destination and importing companies and countries of origin of the goods in question.

Market Balance Ц a market balance is calculated for the preceding 3 years and the current year.

Consumption and Consumer Preferences Ц Analysis of consumption volumes of the main product lines during the preceding 3 years and the current year. Consumer preferences are analyzed and evaluated, according to the main product lines and packaging.

Raw Materials and the Primary Sector Ц analysis of the primary sector, factors influencing it, recent developments and projections.

Price Monitoring Ц price dynamics is brought forward and major developments are analyzed and evaluated.

Legislative Background and Developments Ц analysis of the legislative background concerning the market in question, recent developments and expected developments.

Conclusions and Forecasts Ц conclusions regarding the current state of affairs, recent developments and forecasts for the Ukrainian market of the good in question.


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