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Market Balance

Market Balance Ц is a statistical analysis which reflects the dynamics and the current state of the market. Methodology is based on qualitative and quantitative techniques, analyzing production, import and export of goods with subsequent calculation of the market balance.

More Detailed:

Volumes Ц statistical analysis of the production, import and export and consumption volumes with a monthly breakdown for production figures and a quarterly breakdown for import, export and consumption.

Structure Ц a structure of production, import and export, and consumption is illustrated for the reporting period, the previous period and for the same period in the preceding year.

Segmentation Ц segmentation of production, import and export of the product, according to the main product lines, companies9 producers, importers and exporters) and regions (regions of Ukraine, countries of destination and origination).

Rating - a rating of companies and countries, according to production, export and import of the product in question.

Consumption - Consumption is calculated via market balance deduction. Segmentation of consumption is carried out according to the main types of products.


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